Where can I buy Kamphuisen waffles?

Kamphuisen Syrup Waffles are for sale at the Kamphuisen syrup waffle shop and via the Kamphuisen online shop.

How long can I store the waffles?

If the foil packaging is unopened, the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffles will keep for six to eight weeks. You will find the use-by date on the package. To keep them for up to three months, you can freeze the waffles in the original, unopened foil. This is useful if you want to order a few more per delivery.

What is the difference between a Kampuisen Syrup Waffle and a treacle waffle?

A Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle consists of two crispy, double-baked waffles with a sticky caramel syrup filling. A treacle waffle is a waffle that is slightly undercooked, sliced in two and filled with treacle. Kamphuisen is made with butter, while a treacle waffle often contains a combination of several fats, such as butter and margarine or oil. It is a matter of taste. However, it is a fact that the Kamphuisen waffle offers a different taste sensation. Take a look at this video to see how the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle is made.

I want to send the waffles as a gift. Is that possible?

What a great idea! Please, indicate this in the Message field and we will leave out the packing list. Instead, we will add a nice card with your name as sender, so the lucky recipient knows who sent the tasty gift. The card also includes who baked the waffles and what makes them so special.

I have a food allergy. What ingredients does the Kamphuisen waffle contain?

The Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle contains the following allergens: CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN, EGG, SOYBEAN and MILK.

How many calories are there in a Kamphuisen waffle?

One Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle contains 116 calories. That is less than a treacle waffle, a current bun or a chocolate brownie, but obviously more than a piece of cucumber. To give you the full facts, here is the nutritional information per waffle: Energy: 487 kJ/ 116 kcal, total fats: 6 g, of which saturated fats 4 g, carbohydrates: 14 g, of which sugars 7 g, egg white: 1,5 g, salt: 0,12 g, sodium: 0,05 g.

Do you have a different question?

Please, contact us via the contact form and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. Please note, our syrup waffle bakers regularly have their hands covered in dough! Do you have an urgent question, call us at +31 (0)182-634965 for an immediate reply.