In connection with the safety and hygiene rules, it isn’t possible for visitors to personally participate in the production of the Kamphuisen syrup waffle.
Visitors can see the production up close, but should always stay behind the fence at the oven.


Kamphuisen syrup waffles are baked during opening hours of the factory. A reservation is made for line malfunctions. These can occur and, in some cases, cannot be resolved quickly. A malfunction of the production line does not entitle the customer to a refund of tickets purchased.
Within the factory, visitors can choose from two routes: a viewing route and an active route.
The viewing route is particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility, children in prams and people in a wheelchair.
The active route through the factory contains some parts that visitors can actively participate in, including walking in a wheel and descending via the slide.
Participation is at your own risk.


The Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory is accessible for the disabled persons and persons in a wheelchair.
They can use the viewing route.
Due to a threshold (curb height) and a small turning circle, this route is not accessible to persons in an electric wheelchair.
There is no specially adapted disabled toilet in the Syrup Waffle Factory.
However, there is a spacious toilet at the back of the factory with a wide door and without a threshold.


The Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory is accessible to visitors of all ages.
Young children can participate in the active route under the responsibility of their parents or supervisors.
Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to visit the Syrup Waffle Factory without the assistance of an adult.
Parents or supervisors are at all times responsible for and accountable for the behaviour of the children they supervise.
Visitors must adhere to the instructions of the employees at all times.


It is possible to visit the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory in a group.
Special group rates apply for groups of 15 persons or more.
Due to the limited space, a maximum of 25 persons can enter at the same time.
If your group is larger, the group will be split and the second (and next) group can enter 20 minutes later.
At the end of the tour your group will meet again on the syrup waffle terrace.
Groups must reserve their tour in advance via or by telephone +31 (0) 182-63 99 87.
Special requests such as drinks must be requested and reserved in advance.


Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory has a qualified in-house emergency response team.
Should an accident or calamity occur, the visitor must always comply with the instructions given by the employee (s) concerned. When the visitor himself perceives an accident or calamity, he must immediately report this to one of the employees.


If the visitor himself has unintentionally caused damage, the visitor must of course report this before leaving the Syrup Waffle Factory. Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage suffered by a visitor, unless this damage is the direct result of an intentional act or omission or gross negligence on te part of one of its employees. Liability for other damages is hereby explicitly excluded. Should the visitor have suffered any damage during the visit to the Syrup Waffle Factory, we also request that you notify us before leaving the Syrup Waffle Factory. Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory is no longer liable for damage if the report takes place after leaving the factory.


Smoking is not allowed in our Kamphuisen syrup waffle shop, factory and terrace.


It is possible during the visit to the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory to give your coat or (back) bag in storage.
Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory and its employees are not liable for the damage and/or loss of your garment / bag or any objects in the garment / bag present.


Dogs are not allowed in the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory due to the production of food.


It is permitted to take photographs and/or video recordings for private use in the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory.
It is not permitted to make these recordings for commercial purposes and/or to distribute them via various (digital) channels, unless written permission has been given by the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory, marketing and communication department.
Press / vloggers / bloggers must register in advance via the marketing and communication department.


In situations not provided for in these regulations, the management of Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory is authorized to decide and act.