An original kids party at the Syrup Waffle Factory in the city centre of Gouda

25 February 2019J Anker

The children’s birthday party; every year it is quite a challenge to find something original and to make sure that all kids are having fun. At the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory in Gouda, kids will have a party that they will never forget. Of course with an exciting treasure hunt through the factory and decorating a syrup waffle. What can you expect from a children’s party at the Syrup Waffle Factory?

Crack the safe and decorate your own baker’s hat.

A kids party at the Syrup Waffle Factory is a party full of fun and activities. The kids start by making their own baker’s hat and get to know the inventor of the syrup waffle in an animation. Armed with their own decorated hats, they all go on a treasure hunt through the Syrup Waffle Factory and see how the best biscuit of Gouda is made. And of course that also includes some tasting!

Led by the birthday boy or girl, the kids will try to crack the safe and get the secret recipe of the Kamphuisen syrup waffle; an exciting assignment! And if you want there is also time to sing and give presents. Finally, the kids get a syrup waffle to decorate and at the end of a successful party they also get a small present to take home.



A kids party at the Syrup Waffle Factory: practical information

The kids parties are suitable for kids between 4 and 10 years old and cost €12,50 for every kid (minimum 8 kids). Parents or supervisors pay the normal entrance fee of € 8,95. The entrance fee includes 1 consumption for everyone and of course a crunchy fresh syrup waffle.

A kids party at the Syrup Waffle factory takes about 1.5 hours

We offer the treasure hunt per group on two levels: kids who can already read (approx. 6-10 years) and kids who cannot (properly) read (approx. 4-6 years).  We have our hands full with the tour and the guidance of the activities, so we expect that you as a parent can also contribute to caring for the children.

Do you want to know more or do you have special wishes?

Enthusiastic? Book a party for your kid in the Syrup Waffle Factory by sending us an e-mail. If you prefer to call then that is also possible. Our number is 0182 – 633 99 87. Do you have special wishes, are the kids older than eight or should you come from far away? Please do not hesitate to contact us!  Together we look at the possibilities to make your kids party a resounding success.