Meet our syrup waffle baker!

1 October 2018J Anker

A syrup waffle bakery without syrupwaffle bakers is like Gouda without Gouda cheese; impossible! Since the Kamphuisen syrup waffle factory opened at Markt 69 in the heart of Gouda, Robbert has been the location manager and one of Kamphuisen’s indispensable syrup waffle bakers. But what does he like about being a syrup waffle maker? And what is it all about?

Not a day is the same in Kamphuisen’s bakery factory. Making waffles, guiding visitors around the factory, serving drinks, thinking about new possibilities… Robbert and his team are just busy with it! But what does he like the most about his job?

Robbert: “I think the contact with visitors is extremely valuable. They also make sure that no day is the same for me. Sometimes I speak Spanish, sometimes I speak English or German or just Dutch. And all those visitors pass through the Experience in a different way. From visitors we hear so many nice reactions and that gives me a good feeling every time. Our warm welcome and the delicious waffle are often mentioned by our guests.”

The first syrupwaffle
Robbert isn’t surprised that people are so astonished by the taste of the waffle: “Many visitors know the normal syrupwaffle, but during the Experience they eat the Kamphuisen syrup waffle for the first time. The taste is slightly different because we only use natural products and no E-numbers and the biscuit is deliciously crispy and that’s not always what visitors expect.

Memorable moments in the experience
One of the most memorable visitors who has visited the Syrup Waffle Experience in recent months, is an older man.  Robbert: “The most beautiful moment for me in recent months, was when a man of 76 years left the Experience for the third time by slide. It’s normally only used by children, but this man liked it so much that he also wanted to take the slide down.” The man visited the bakery three times within a few weeks. “The first time he was alone, the second time he took his wife with him and the third time his daughter and grandchildren were with him. It was also just a nice guy who has a great time here. I always like it when people come back for a second or third time. Then you’re doing something right!”

A successful day
With so many different tasks, it might be difficult for some people to determine when a day has passed. Not for Robbert: “I am satisfied when every visitor of the experience cheerfully leaves the door. And that’s something that I and my team are committed to day in and day out!

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If people come back for a second or third time, then you’re doing something right!