The real syrup waffle

1 October 2018J Anker

Strange actually, that this delicious biscuit is called a treacle waffle in almost the whole country, and that we at Kamphuisen call it a syrup waffle. How did that come about? And are the syrup waffles from Kamphuisen real Gouda treacle waffles? In this blog a small piece of history.

The treacle waffle was first made over 200 years ago in the bakery in Gouda. After the success Kamphuisen had with it, more than a hundred bakers baked treacle waffles throughout Gouda. So you could say that the Gouda treacle waffles were quite popular. Yet it took almost a hundred years before the treacle waffle was also baked outside Gouda.

Treacle waffle or syrup waffle?
But what is the difference between the real Gouda treacle waffles and Kamphuisen syrup waffles? That’s simpler than you might think. Kamphuisen’s waffle has always been a syrup waffle.

Syrup and treacle are not the same. Syrup is thinner and therefore easier to use when making waffles. Every baker has his own syrup and all taste slightly different. As a result, the syrup or treacle waffles of each baker may taste different.

In the past, almost all treacle waffles were called syrup waffles, because of the caramel syrup between the waffles, but nowadays they are more often called treacle waffles.

At Kamphuisen we are proud of our history and that’s why we still call them syrup waffles. Don’t you believe you taste the difference? Come and visit us in our Syrup Waffle Experience in the heart of Gouda!

Real Gouda syrup waffles? The syrup waffles from Kamphuisen!
The syrup waffle was first made in 1810 in the bakery of Kamphuisen. Our syrup waffles are therefore the real Gouda syrup waffles. Wondering how the first generation of Kamphuisen bakers came up with the idea to make syrup waffles? Come to our Experience in Gouda and meet Pieter Willem Kamphuizen (written with a ‘z’ at the time), the first syrup waffle baker from 1810.

During the Experience you will learn everything about why the traditional Kamphuisen syrup waffle is so delicious! The syrup waffles are a true source of inspiration for other syrup waffle bakers because of the crispy biscuit and the tasty caramel syrup. But the recipe, that is still strictly secret! Do you want to taste the real Kamphuisen waffles? Then come to the shop in Gouda (Markt 69) or order in our webshop.