The syrup waffle factory welcomes its 4000th visitor!

9 July 2018J Anker

This week, the Syrup Waffle Factory in Gouda welcomed its 4000th visitor! During the experience, the 4000th visitor was surprised with a photo opportunity for the shop together with syrup waffle maker Robbert. The lucky winner also received a large gift pack Kamphuisen syrup waffles to take home. Where does she come from, what does she think of the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory and: how do the syrup waffles taste?

Robbert is pleased that the bakery factory is already attracting its 4,000th visitor: “We’re only open for ten weeks!”, he says proudly. As location manager he considers it his most important task to ensure that visitors enjoy themselves.

From Duiven to Gouda
Time to surprise the winner during the experience, in which she still participates unsuspectingly. After she has recovered from the first surprise, she tells us that she came to Gouda with her mother from Duiven, especially for the Kamphuisen syrup waffle experience. Both ladies love syrup waffles and have been looking for a nice place since 2012 to discover how those delicious cookies are made anyway. With a bit of luck, last week she was able to get two tickets for a tour of the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory. When she was addressed with the message that she had won, she reacted in astonishment: “But I never win anything!”. This changed this week. While enjoying a drink she enthusiastically told about the experience: “It looks beautiful inside, it has a real atmosphere and it’s great to see how the waffles are made!”. “And the syrup waffles taste delicious”, her mother adds. “They are crunchier and thinner than other syrup waffles, very tasty!”

Enjoy the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle experience
The ladies came to Gouda for a nice mother-daughter day: “The experience is great fun as a mother-daughter outing, but I can imagine that it is also very nice to visit the bakery factory with a group of friends. Gouda is such a nice city, so you can plan a lot more around it. ”

The ladies were even so enthusiastic that they suggested that the syrup waffle experience should also come to the surroundings of Arnhem. Robbert: “I like the authenticity of the Kamphuisen syrup waffle. If you eat this waffle somewhere in the Netherlands, it comes from this bakery factory. Isn’t it nice that you now know how this is made? ”

Tickets for a visit to the Syrup Waffle Factory in Gouda can be purchased online at syrupwafflefactory.com/tickets or directly at the cash desk. The Syrup Waffle Factory is open every week, Tuesday through Saturday 10:00-18:00.